New Chiropractic Patients

Once you have called our office at (515) 277-2377 and arranged an appointment with Dr. Price or Dr. Mork, please save yourself 20 minutes by downloading, printing, and fill-out our specialized forms detailing your health history and reason for your visit. By filling these forms out before your appointment, you can ensure no information is left out and you can see the doctor as quickly as possible.

New Patient Intake Form (Age 0-5)

New Patient Intake Form

Release form (Ages 6 & up)

Motor Vehicle Accident Form

What to Expect on Your First Visit

When you first arrive, our staff will greet you and guide you through the process of your first day! Once we verify that you’ve completed your health history form, we’ll give you a brief tour of the office and then the doctor will meet with you.

Doctor Consultation / Examination

Our Doctors offer a no cost, no obligation consultation to make sure you or your child is a candidate for chiropractic care. Once you have had a chance to explain the health situation and history to the doctor he or she will discuss any recommendations, whether it is an outside referral or to proceed with an examination.

A detailed examination will be performed to explore the status of your health. This also includes a chiropractic examination which detects spinal misalignments (subluxations) and decreased motion.

Children: Birth and development history is highlighted during the consultation.

Athletes: Current performance and goals are discussed and sport-specific tests are added to the exam.

State of the Art Technology

Using the latest Space Foundation Certified technology, your nervous system function will be tested. About 10% of your nervous system is devoted to signaling pain. That means we have to rely on technology to deter-mine how 90% of your nervous system is actually functioning. This gives us a measurable baseline and we teach you how to track improvement as you progress through care.

Structural Examination

A visual postural examination is performed to detect spinal abnormalities. If deviations are noted, x-rays may be needed to measure and detect any structural complications. Leg length differences, scoliosis, and abnormal spinal position are noted with this part of the exam.

The Report of Findings

Between your first and second visit, your Doctor will compile your health history, exam findings, and analyze any special tests we performed so that when you return we have a complete profile and can set up a plan of action of getting you back to health or maintain great health.

He or she will also explain if you are indeed a candidate for chiropractic care, your situation, how we can help and any options you have, how long it will take, and what your investment will be.

Once all questions are answered and if you are ready to begin care, your Doctor will be able to provide you with your first adjustment.